Virtual Office Tips for Startup Companies

One of the major hurdles for new companies is the expense of running a business. Aside from payroll and government taxes, you’ve got to consider basic operating costs and what you can afford as a business owner. For many, office space in a large and popular metro is simply unaffordable. Thankfully, recent years have shown a rise in the virtual office trend, which makes running the day to day aspect of a company much more feasible, even for startups. Read on »

Basic Benefits of a Virtual Office

Virtual offices are a key part of the modern business world, and they have helped level the playing field for startup companies with little capital to manage their company. While traditional expenses like rent for office space, utilities, parking, and office supplies are still very real, the virtual office allows business owners to enjoy these everyday items for less. Read on »

Common Misconceptions about Virtual Offices

While the virtual office has gained in popularity for many companies and business owners, there are still some doubts that business owners have when it comes to switching to a virtual office setting. While some things may be more likely than others, the idea that virtual offices are a scary choice for some is linked to a couple of common misunderstandings. Let’s examine these falsehoods and clear the air about virtual offices. Read on »

How to Transition into a Virtual Office

Once you’ve decided that a virtual office is the best option for your business or work situation, you have a little bit of time to make the transition before you pay your first month’s fees, or perhaps move out of the old office. Whether you are transitioning from a co-working space, a traditional office, the coffee shop, or even a home office, there are things that need to get done so the transition is smooth and you can get the most out of your new virtual office. Read on »

What is a Co-Working Space?

In this new era of workplaces, what does it all mean? Some choose virtual offices, some choose co-working spaces, and some prefer traditional standalone office space. What does it all mean, and which option is right for you? Read on »

Managing Remote Employees with a Virtual Office

While a virtual office is appealing for many as a way to effectively save money and maintain a business appearance, there are some caveats you have to consider before making the switch with your business. One of these main considerations involves how well you can manage a staff of remote employees. Before you sign up for a Miami virtual office program, these are some things for you to consider. Read on »

Software to Enhance Your Virtual Office Experience

If you decide to run your business from a virtual office format, then you are likely looking to not only save money, but to also run your business in an efficient manner. Thankfully, today’s market has plenty of software that you can have employees use to ensure that employees are staying on track with their projects. Here are our top choices for software programs to help streamline your virtual office dynamic. Read on »

The Benefits of Working in a Virtual Office

For all intents and purposes, a virtual office is a pretty genius idea. According to, about one in five workers around the world telecommute and CBS News notes that 20 percent of all employees do some if not all of their projects at home. But the remote office is growing in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. Read on »

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